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Announcing The Brand New, 8 Part, Step By Step Video Course That Shows You ...

Discover How to Drive Targeted Paid Traffic With Banner Ad Media Buys The Right Way…Even If You’re A Newbie or Expert, You Will Walk Away With A Step By Step System That You Can Implement Starting Today!

You Get Access To This Step by Step Video Series That Will Walk You Through The Process Of Using Banner Ads to Bring The Traffic You Want To Your Website.

Heres a list of this 8 part video series in more detail

Video #1 : Introduction to Banner Ad Media Buys and Knowing Your Niche

In this video, we introduce you to Media Buys in terms of Banner Ads. There are a lot of types of Media Buys, but we’ll focus on banner ads in this one since you can get up and running fairly quick. You’ll be given an overview of this video series including what you will be learning and how this system comes together. This will help you speed things up. You’ll also learn how to research your niche.

Video #2 : Demographics Research – Find Out What Your Market is Like

Before you go out and start trying to find sites to advertise on, you need to know your market, who they are, how they tick, their desires and wants, and how they act. Knowing this information is crucial in relation to Media Buys, because without it your traffic won’t be as targeted. The less targeted, the less conversions, the more frustration and loss of time you’ll have.

Video #3 : Finding Sites to Advertise Banner Ad

Which banner ads should you buy? Do they need to be on a specific part of the website? How do you find the sites? How do you contact the website owners, and what do you say? All these questions and many more will be answered in this video.

Video #4 : Selling The Click

So you’ve set up your banner ad campaign, and it’s live on a high traffic site, but you’re not getting your clicks! There’s a problem with your banner and the way you’ve positioned it. This video will show you how to sell the click, so you don’t make the painful mistake of losing time and money.

Video #5 : Where to Get Banners Designed

You can create your own banners, or you can hire someone. The choice is yours. In this video, you will be given resources on how to go about both of these paths. Hiring a professional is obviously easier, but it costs money, but not a lot. However at the same time, a banner ad doesn’t need to be super fancy. In fact the more fancy it is, the more it screams “Annoying Banner!” or “Buy me now”, which of course may in fact decrease your clicks and sales.

Video #6 : Banner Ad Networks

In this video, we will cover two large banner ad networks and how you can use these sites to find high traffic but most importantly targeted sites you can run your banner ad campaigns on. It’ll be short and sweet; no fluff.

Video #7 : Test, Observe, and Scale the winners

It’s obvious that it’s important that once you’ve tested a campaign and it is indeed succeeding, it’s time to scale the winners. But how do you test the campaigns to know they have potential? Just one test may not always say that the campaign is not going to work, because there are so many variables. In this video, you’ll learn how to test, how to observe, and most importantly, how to scale.

BONUS: Video #8 : How to Find Banner Ads Fast

Now that you have understood the process of finding banner ad sites and potential traffic spots, you will realize that it is quite time consuming. That is the only part that takes time. Finding sites, making sure they are getting traffic, making sure they fit your market’s demographics, and contacting the site owner.

It can take hours among hours, just like any other traffic system.
How can you speed this process up in a matter of minutes? More on that in this special bonus video.

Now Media Buys costs some money, but if done right can do a lot better than PPC. Now people can argue PPC is better, SEO is better, or even Media Buying is better. I won’t go out and say either one is better, because in the end you have to do the tests and the implementation.

Media buying just requires less time and less knowledge compared to SEO and PPC. Give it a try and start driving traffic to your websites using the power of Media Buying.

This method I’ve seen pull in $1000’s more, but you have to do it right. Do it wrong, and you’ll lose time and money. More on that in this video.

So...with that said, grab this video series now and learn how increase your profits by increase your targeted traffic the right way!
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